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How is your portfolio risk behaving right now? Every hour, minutes, seconds?
As a trader I am sure you would love to monitor your risk, develop your strategies, backtest, optimize and forecast using the same platform.
Here what we offer:
– Intraday backtesting, portfolio risk management, forecasting and optimization at every price second, minutes, hours, end of day. Model inputs fully controllable.
– 8k+ market tick data sources since 2012 (stocks, indices & ETFs traded on NASDAQ). Client can also upload his own market data (e.g.: Chinese stocks).
– 40+ portfolio metrics (VaR, ETL, alpha, beta, Sharpe ratio, Omega ratio, etc.)
– Supports R, Matlab, Java & Python
– 10+ portfolio optimizations
– Cloud-based computations (NY datacenter)
– This platform is for use of low, medium, high frequency traders/researchers. All computations are made using high frequency market data which benefits low and high frequency traders/researchers. It means you can get you risk in real time.

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