Nominated for: Best Proprietary Platform or APIs

Launched in April 2017, FinRiverTM offers robust risk analytics, investment analytics and proprietary data sets to financial technology platforms via lightning-fast APIs. FinRiver is powered by FinMason’s proprietary technology, the Algonath: the largest, most scalable independent investment analytics platform in the world. It utilizes one of the world’s most extensive, full-equilibrium global macroeconomic models, ingesting 25,000 inputs and producing 1,800 factor outputs. The Algonath runs analytics on every publicly-traded security globally, including factor exposures, scenario analysis, stress tests and expected returns. Developers love us since we use a single RESTful API – needing only data-request codes, security identifiers, and portfolio weights – and can deliver a full analytical suite on a 50-asset portfolio in under 20 milliseconds. We can also calculate and deliver a 10,000-iteration Monte Carlo analysis in under 50 milliseconds. FinRiver is also able to return hybrid histories for assets with a short track record, facilitating past analysis on relatively young holdings.

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