StockHoot LLC

Nominated for: Best Trading Idea Platform

StockHoot is a revolutionary online community of investors and analysts enabling investors to compare best performing analysts and find winning investment ideas, effortlessly. We live in a world full of information and ever evolving technology. Making the right investment decision has become difficult with so many financial sites, analysts and thousands of tweets. The biggest conundrum for investors is finding the edge without losing sleep on the other side Analsyts are spending a lot of time to come up with trade ideas but still struggle with building followers and their own platform. StockHoot provides a state of the art platform for analysts to showcase their financial skills by recommending trade ideas and track their performance. Investors can now compare and pick analysts based on their performance and get alerts on actionable trade ideas. Both investor and analyst can earn money, analyst by charging subscription fees for sharing their trade ideas and investors by picking the right analyst and trade idea, WIN WIN !! We support Stocks, Options and Cryptocurrencies.

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