Demo— BillMo, LLC / 2017 BZ Global Fintech Awards

Facebook: BillMo


Location: Middlebury, CT
Presenter: Steve LaBella, CEO

BillMo Company Profile

For US remitters to Mexico BillMo is a safe, secure, inexpensive alternative to traditional cash to cash remittance products such as Western Union, Ria, Sigue and others. The remitted funds “land” on a digital wallet– a mobile app on a smartphone – instead of being picked up in cash. For the Mexico based recipient of the remitted funds, BillMo is an all digital, highly secure, mobile wallet that enables them to directly pay bills from the app, topup any cell phone, withdraw funds as cash as needed and pay at the cashier at a select set of retailer brands. By providing these services to the recipient BillMo earns money based on the use of the remitted funds and therefore is able to lower the cost of sending money from the US by 90% compared to traditional money transfer companies.

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