Demo— BuildFax, Inc. / 2017 BZ Global Fintech Awards

Twitter: @BuildFax


Location: Austin, TX
Presenter: Chris Schaum, VP of Sales

BuildFax, Inc. Company Profile

Insurance companies can use BuildFax data to identify trends in hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods to identify areas on the rise or decline, and can enlist BuildFax data analysts directly to make custom queries, such as: How old are the plumbing systems in Northern California? Can you help us bust fraudulent appraisers? What’s the average age of a roof in Austin, Texas?

BuildFax enables insurance companies to make data-driven decisions on underwriting and claims and predict risk and loss. Its data represents more than $30 billion in direct premiums written. BuildFax data covers more than 70 percent of the U.S. population and represents more than $14.9 trillion in construction spend. Insurance companies can evaluate overall property condition, maintenance and changes over time, including roof history (a massive predictor of potential loss), structural risk, solar installations, new construction, remodels for HVAC, electrical, plumbing and much more.

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