Competition Categories

Company Awards

Best Alternative Investments Platform, Tool, or App:

Best Analysis Platform, Tool, or App: Even the cleanest data can’t generate returns on its own. There are endless solutions for analyzing datasets, but only a select few can deliver analytics that make an impact. Companies in this category help investors make data profitable.

Best Digital Mortgage or Real Estate Platform, Tool, or App:

Best Educational or Personal Finance Platform, Tool, or App: The largest transfer of wealth in history is taking place between baby boomer parents and their millennial children. This new generation must be financially literate to manage this wealth and ensure that their lives are as comfortable as their parents’. Companies in this category are working to make that possible.

Best Financial Advisor or Wealth Management Platform, Tool, or App:

Best Forex Platform, Tool, or App:  Currency traders are dealing with a tough environment. Fed moves, government policy changes, and a shifting geopolitical environment are all causing headaches for forex traders. However, companies in this category are working to give traders the tools they need to come out on top in the currency markets.

Best InsurTech Solution: Insurance is a massive industry ripe for disruption. Companies in this category are working to disrupt an industry valued in the trillions of dollars.

Best Lending Platform, Tool, or App: As credit dried up in the wake of the financial crisis, fintech companies stepped in to provide consumers and businesses the capital they need to realize their goals. These companies helped people and enterprises start up and receive returns on their investments.

Best Proprietary Technology or API: The fintech space is filled with companies creating exciting intellectual properties and infrastructure. Entrants in this category are creating technology that helps others excel.

Best RegTech Solution: Compliance and regulatory costs are a huge factor for any financial institution. A whole segment of fintech has arisen from companies helping firms meet regulatory requirements. Entrants in this category are helping make compliance cool.

Best Research Platform, Tool, or App: Traders and investors need access to the best market research and news, and they need it fast. These companies provide financial professionals with the research they need.

Best Robo Advisor: The face of financial advising is changing dramatically with the introduction of the fiduciary standard, growing savviness among customers, and a generation of millennials that seems uninterested in financial services. These companies are leading the way in introducing a new generation to investing and ensuring that their clients reach their financial goals.

Best Trading Executing or Brokerage Platform:

Best Trading Idea Platform, Tool, or App: Even veteran traders need advice, and choppy markets make for a steep learning curve for beginners. These companies are working to give investors both new and experienced an edge.

Best Under-banked or Emerging Market Solution:

Best Use of Blockchain: Blockchain and distributed ledger technology have potentially endless application potential in the financial services space. Truly anonymous, encrypted transactions, and frictionless money transfers are just the beginning for blockchain technologies. These companies are pushing the envelope in what is considered possible in finance.

Finding Alpha: In the digital age, traders and investors are drowning in data. Millions of data points, from market data to social media sentiment, make it incredibly difficult to parse signals from the noise. These companies create tools for investors to find and utilize those actionable signals to generate returns.

Institutional Innovators: While many in the fintech space decry financial institutions as slow to change, some key financial innovations in recent years have come from the “old guard.” Companies in this category are at the forefront of financial innovation, offering new products and services with the backing of a trusted brand.

Investing in Millennials: Many young people are wary of the finance industry. Saddled by student debt and stagnant wages, a wide segment of the youth population chooses not to invest. Companies in this category are working to change that, by making investing appealing and easier for young people.

Leveling the Playing Field: Some trading technologies have made it harder to get into the stock market, offering huge advantages to those with the infrastructure in place to use them. Companies in this category are working to put everyone on even footing.

Solving Problems Through Payments: Moving money around has never been easier. These companies help consumers and enterprises handle transactions and take the headaches out of payments.

Individual Awards

Additionally, Benzinga will add a group of special categories to the Global Fintech Awards, to recognize innovative figures and companies that don’t fit into a clearly defined category.

Financial Business Development Superstar of the Year: Ask any salesperson and they’ll tell you they have the hardest job at the company. Building a great product is one thing, but convincing the rest of the world it’s worth paying for is a whole other ballgame. The Financial BD Superstar of the Year has proven their mastery of the sales game, and has been instrumental in growing a company by always closing deals.

Financial Reporter of the Year: The financial press keeps the industry informed and aware of the latest developments in fintech. The Financial Reporter of the Year has broken impactful stories, provided much-needed context, and helped tell some of the greatest stories in finance.

Finance Tweet of the Year: Finance Twitter, or “FinTwit” to those in the know, is a daily battle of wits, predictions, charts, and memes between prominent traders and investors. While many FinTweeters end up eating their words, one 140-character flash of brilliance will survive the twists and turns of the market to become Finance Tweet of the Year.

Founder of the Year

Most Impactful Venture Capitalist: Not every great idea can make it on its own. Venture capital has funded some of the most innovative companies in the world and services that millions use daily. The Most Impactful Venture Capitalist has funded companies that have the potential to reshape the finance industry.