Demo— Fincurate / 2017 BZ Global Fintech Awards



Location: New York, NY
Presenters: Dave Niederkrome, CEO

Fincurate Company Profile

Fincurate dynamically aggregates thousands of press releases, corporate events, Twitter feeds, blog posts, RSS feeds, and other critical information related to over 10,000 publicly traded companies, market sectors, and financial assets into a single interface…all designed with the goal of saving you valuable time, giving you an edge in today’s competitive landscape. Fincurate makes it easy to quickly browse our entire collection of public research boards.  Filter by a variety of board criteria. We also organize & showcase our research boards according to what’s trending, what’s new to our system, and what’s most popular with our members.  Search results can be viewed in grid or list layouts to provide you with optimal flexibility in viewing search results. Fincurate’s research boards can be completely customized to track all the commentary, news, and social chatter centered around a variety of personalized research themes. Keeping up with everything is as easy as choosing a topic and creating a board in a few simple steps.

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