Demo— Push Payments / 2017 BZ Global Fintech Awards

Twitter: @PushPayments


Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Presenter: Travis Dulaney, CEO & Co-Founder of Push Payments

Push Payments Company Profile

“The Payments Industry needed an intelligent, unified solution with limitless scalability, that could not only adhere to the strictest regulatory measures while processing countless transactions in true real-time, but also guarantee immediate funds availability…so that’s exactly what i built!” – Travis Dulaney, CEO/CTO & Co-Founder, Push Payments

 We help businesses cut cost and take control over their cash flow through instant money movement. Not near real-time or same day…instant. 1.8 seconds to be exact ( average real-time payments transactional speed ) The impact this technology will have on the payments industry and the world will be nothing short of monumental. Push Payments has created what is probably the only, fully compliant, scalable, secure, easy to use, intelligent and true real-time payments platform in the world. Many Fintech startups, Banks and Payments processor in the world today, are either claiming to already have or are close to having a real-time payments solution. This claim is of course false and meant to knowingly cause confusion.
 Push Payments is a driving force for change and efficiency that would hopefully revolutionize the industry and change how the world moves value. 
 Understanding that we live in an on-demand world, where instant gratification is expected, Push Payments invested years developing and building one of the most highly intelligent and formidable platforms that could support the financial institutions, merchants and consumers of today, tomorrow and the future. One with limitless scalability and security previously unforeseen or imagined. What they have achieved is empowering the payments industry today and has provided the industry with the unified solution it needed to leap into tomorrow.

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