Mike Beller

@ Chief Executive Officer Thesys Technologies & Tradeworx, Inc.

Mike Beller is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Thesys Technologies, LLC and its parent company,
Tradeworx, Inc. As CEO of Thesys Technologies, Beller is responsible for the overall business, operations,
and management of the Company. He oversees the corporate strategy and sets the technology vision for
the big data and market structure technology leader. In his role as CEO, Beller is also responsible for the
corporate leadership team and organizational culture enterprise-wide. Beller has been CEO of Thesys
Technologies since 2015. In 2017, under his guidance, Thesys Technologies was recognized for winning the
mandate to build and operate the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), mandated by the SEC, which will be the
largest financial database in the world. Today, Beller serves on the Thesys Technologies Advisory
Committee, providing high level guidance for Thesys CAT LLC, which is the Plan Processor for the (CAT).
Prior to becoming CEO of Thesys Technologies in 2015, Beller served as Tradeworx’s Chief Technology
Officer, (CTO) since the firm’s inception in 1999, architecting it’s industry leading low latency trading and big
data analytics platforms, solving some of the industry’s most complex trading technology challenges. Mike
has over 30 years of experience in finance, telecom and information technology industries. Prior to
Tradeworx, he co founded PenVision, a mobile field force automation company, innovating in wireless mobile
computing and field force automation. Before that, he was a research engineer in the areas of wireless
communications and cryptography, where he was co-inventor on multiple patents related to cryptographic
protocols for mobile systems, at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore).

Beller received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and his Master of
Science in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University (’88). He is an avid technologist who was an
early adopter of the Internet, Linux and Cloud, and enjoys staying abreast of the latest technological